Suspected case inside PBA Bubble photo

There is a suspected case inside the bubble. A PBA referee. The referee was tested last October 19 – Monday along with 27 others whose tests all came out negative. It has been his 4th test, his 2nd inside the bubble aside from the 2 tests before entering Clark, all of which came out negative.

The person is now under quarantine at the Athlete’s Village while his 1st and 2nd layer contacts are under strict isolation. The suspect case will be tested today and will be under strict observation. The person’s 1st and 2nd layer contacts, meanwhile, will be retested on October 24 – Saturday.

There is a strict protocol in place and it has not been breached. All the risks are being evaluated by the PBA medical team, the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) and the Department of Health (DOH). All games are allowed to continue with even stricter measures which are already in effect inside the bubble and during games. As part of the protocol, all activities (swimming, gym, jogging, etc.) for today are temporarily suspended to give way to sanitization.

Rest assured that the safety and security of all is our paramount concern. Routine disinfection, wearing of masks, face shields and social/physical distancing is strictly being implemented, as well as an effective contact tracing procedure is in place, to maintain the safety and integrity of the bubble.