Bruce Cortes Bollozos

Let’s join the craze and spill my prediction for this year’s Miss Universe Philippines. #MUP2020 after that preliminary interview. Rooting for #MupCavite or #MupBohol.

Miss Bohol and Miss Cavite (photo from the net)

Cavite has this unique and very strong personality and presence. Answers in her preliminary were astounding! The way she delivered were excellently spontaneous, she exudes confidence that her com skills will give her the edge among all the other candidates and on top of that, she gives the best content that can equally be compared to that of Zozobini, one that is relatable and truly inspiring.

Bohol might be just an over all package for MUP, perfect communication skills, very spontaneous, her beauty will give her an edge however she has to work on the content of her answer that can match to that of Cavite.

For our Cebu representatives (#MupMANDAUE#MupCEBUCITY#mupcebuprovince) it is evident that our 3 ladies are good speakers however they have to work on the effectivity aspect of communication.

Cebu city (Mau Perez) – was fluent among the 3 Cebu representatives but has to work on her speech content. She failed to compel an excellent ending that judges or receivers would be able to recall, it lacks impact although the lechon was something that was interesting over all she is a fluent speaker but must exert extra effort of its content by ensuring focus on its answer, one that gives a sincere example of her story and end a very impactful message.

Cebu province (Apriel Smith) – her uhms are really obvious and annoying, she gives a very sincere answer, the most sincere and captivating among all the other 3 representatives we have. Very fluent but she has to work on the content of her answers.

Mandaue City (Lou Picson) – she is actually one favored to be on top 10 together with our other 3 Cebu reps. I do hope she still gets in for the top 10 after that preliminary. Her reply arrangement were just too off that she talks a lot getting nowhere. Her content should have to improve further. She needs to focus on an experience that is sincere and made a major turning point in her life so when she talks about it the sincerity and the lessons she expresses can be felt by the judges and audience. We just don’t give responses for the sake of answering a question.

We salute these empowered women while facing the challenges of representing their hometown. No matter how you all performed you’re all winners by your own rights. The best of luck!!?’