May 6, 2021


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Interact Club of Metro Mandaue 2006


Interact Club of Metro Mandaue 2006

Supplying the materials of students in need, the Interact Club of Metro Mandaue (IACMM) concluded their “Book-Us Palad Program” during their distribution day last October 31, 2020.

Interact is a youth-led program of Rotary International that aims to develop the youth in

Interact Club of Metro Mandaue 2006

leadership training, developing acquaintances and doing fun service. The Interact Club of Metro Mandaue is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Metro Mandaue from Rotary International District 3860.

The Youth Organization formed this project hoping to equip school supplies to elementary students who have recently started their classes in Cabancalan I Elementary School and Zapatera Elementary School. Donations were opened for both monetary and in-kind donations for 250 students from each beneficiary.

The program had attracted the participation of several sponsors and financial contributors. The monetary donations reached a total of Php. 25,250 with the expenses costing up to Php. 24, 646, and a surplus of Php. 604 for the delivery costs. An amount of the total savings came from several other project by the club such as their food bazaar and mobile game tournament.

“After months in quarantine and watching the news updates about my fellow students’ struggles, I wanted to do something to help. I could not just sit there, studying with the gadgets and resources I have been provided with, while my fellow students in public schools are struggling,” said Julia Versoza, the Project Head for Book-Us Palad. This program aimed to support scholastic development as one of the pillars of the organization’s mission. “Though it was stressful and pressuring, giving back to the community would always be worth it,” Matt Melgar, Versoza’s Project Head Partner, added.

Interact Club of Metro Mandaue 2006

The 250 students from Cabancalan I each received two pencils, one long plastic envelope with handle, and in-kind donations from the donors. On the other hand, 7616 pages of lacking documents, 500 pencils, and in-kind donations such as books and stationery were distributed at Zapatera Elementary School.

Planning had started since September 20 and finally culminated on the day of distribution at the recipient schools. Much time, cooperation, and campaigning had come together to achieve the goal of the said project.

According to Club President Chynna Dorado, who was also present on the day of the distributions, “I felt great! It was pleasing to finally see the project’s outcomes after around 2 months of preparation. I hope other groups and organizations start to point their initiatives to students as well since they need all the support that they can get in coping with remote learning in the pandemic.”

Photos from Interact Club of Metro Mandaue 2006