May 16, 2021


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CEBU CITY, Philippines – Having a swifter, higher and stronger Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) is what Team SPORTS espoused, on its pursuit to win the hearts, err… votes, of the National Sports Associations (NSAs) when the Philippine Olympic body will have its election on Friday, Nov. 27, 2020.

This is the most important poll for Philippine sports, as this will determine the kind of leadership and direction that our athletes are going to toe going to the Tokyo (2021) and Paris Olympics in 2024. Team SPORTS lead by archery president Jesus Clint Aranas, a lawyer and a public servant is challenging the sitting POC chief Cong. Bambol Tolentino of cycling.

Aranas, a principled gentleman, has greater vision for Philippine sports yet his actions are misunderstood, even painted it with malice and prejudice. His ticket that includes Steve Hontiveros, who is running for re-election as chairman, Philip Juico (1st vice-president), Ada Milby (2nd vice president), Julian Camacho (treasurer), Monico Puentevella (auditor) and Robert Bachmann, Charlie Ho, Robert Mananquil and Jeff Tamayo for Board Members are the darkhorse.

Team SPORTS wanted to Serve its stakeholders, be Pro-active professional performers, be One in their passion, mission, vision and commitment for a better POC, Responsible and accountable, Transparent and honest and Strong and self sufficient.

I always believed that a leader should serve and not otherwise. On many instances, I personally witnessed athletes and coaches or even technical officials do biddings of NSA Officials, worse, also of their wives. They do some “demeaning” jobs rather than focus on their training. Menial jobs such as errand boys/girls, drivers, masseurs, shopping companions to name a few. Because of fears of “mapag-initan” that may lead to delisting from the ranks of national pool and or for a couple of extra bucks if they’re lucky.

I believe that by serving the stakeholders, Clint Aranas means POC or NSA officials should take the best interests of the athletes and coaches into a priority.

Team SPORTS also planned NSAs to be self sufficient. It’s music to PSC. NSAs should have been self income generating organization so that PSC can give an undivided support to the elite athletes and do its mandate for grassroots sports development without reservations.

As a private organization, POC should be self-liquidating-self-generating-and-self-reliant organization. That instead of waiting and asking PSC to fund its program, NSAs should initiate moves to secure funding. Just like some self-reliant NSAs that can send their athletes abroad to train with or without the support from PSC. Lest, there are still NSAs that still relying on “manna from heaven.”

Team Sports will immediately put these plans to action starting from day one, if given the chance to lead Philippine sports in the next four years.

Highlighting its plans on the first 100-days in office is to line-up sponsors to invest in cluster or 2 of high, medium and low performing, performing and marketable NSAs and to exhaust all opportunities to fully use the Olympic Solidarity and other IOC/OCA programs/grants.

The Olympic Solidarity and IOC grant has been “neglected” for a while. IOC is giving to all NOCs its share of the revenues of previous Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Before Tolentino and his predecessor Ricky Vargas, Olympic Solidarity funds were “kept among the high ranking POC officials only.” Though, this issue lead to their ouster.

I believe that Clint Aranas can deliver what his group has laid down before every voting member. But as of the moment, winning the votes of the NSAs is tougher than implementing these programs.

But I believed that through this guy who heads the World Archery Philippines, the Filipinos can finally have an ideal sports leader who will value our national athletes and has the conscience to be prudent in handling funds coming from the coffers government.