FREESTYLE by Dexter Alazas
“To strongly promote local high end fragrances and skin care products that are proudly Filipino made.”
-Baby King
Just barely a month before the pandemic became full blown early last year, JFK Essentials was introduced to the Cebuano market with the launch of their newest line of cosmetics and personal care must-haves, attended by the owner and COO herself, social entrepreneur, Ms. Baby King.
“It was quite a challenge, having been faced with this unprecedented situtation last year, and we had to innovate more essential basics to serve the needs of frontliners and health professionals, in order to help Filipinos fight the health crisis we are facing today.”, says Ms King, in an brief chat with her over messenger calls and emails.
Having worn pieces from both foreign fashion labels and Filipino designers , I could tell that she has style, and that she is a certified Localite, having been campaiging and promoting her local cosmetics company to her social media netwok. After all, the brand started wih the aim of empowering Filipinos through Filipinos, when Ms King herself started conceptualizing the brand owing for a fact that she was then aimimg to establish a name in the beauty industry, we Filipinos could call our own.

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Baby King
With her love for beautiful things, I asked her a few questions as to what inspires her to keep doing the things she loves.
DA : Why cosmetics?
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Baby King at work 

BK: Because I guess I’m vain by nature. I started taking care of myself when I was in high school, and my sister influenced me in some way.

DA: How did you come up with the name JFK Essentials?
BK: It’s my husbands name, John Francis King, in honor for his support in inspiring me to do this.
DA: Whats the unique selling point of JFK
BK: Uniquely Filipino high end products, combined with the right branding and packaging that can compete globally.
DA : What are your goals for 2021 for the brand and yourself.
BK: I’m now finalizing more partnerships with local and international market, and continue to expand the business, especially now with the pandemic that’s still around.
AD: What keeps you inspired to continue moving forward with the business?

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Baby King with John Francis King
BK: My advocacy, my love and concern for old people, as one of my many charities, part of my brand’s story is how we’re able to share what we can to the ones who need help.
DA: What advise can you give to budding entrepreneurs?
BK: One must be very passionate about what he loves, and has that keen sense of business ability, and most of all one who knows how to handle the finances. That’s crucial I should say.
DA: What’s next for Baby King?
BK: Though the cosmetics business is very competitive especially with all the many visible brands in the market, we must be true to our DNA, and with the right attitude, right products in terms of quality and its uniqueness, we are able to make it. JFK Essentials is conceptualizing to introduce more excellent products with a heart for Filipinos.
A woman who loves beauty and fashion, Baby King is one Filipina who, although wears signature brands, is able to mix her sense of style with business, to make locally made products become globally competitive, the JFK way.
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