Silos lead Philippine archers in 3rd leg of World Archery Online Series

Riley Silos (fb photo)

Cebu City, Philippines, 18-Jan-2021 – The ingenuity of the Filipino archers kept them at par with the rest of the world as evident by the decent showing in the Indoor World Series Online competition that concluded on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021.

The 34th place finish of the Philippines Olympic hopeful Riley Silos who made 585 points out of a possible 600 in the Men’s Recurve competition was a testimony to this.

The event was ruled by Brady Ellison of the USA who had 589 points, two points shy from tallying a perfect score.

Silos scored 294 points on his first 30 arrows but dropped three points on his final set with 291 points.

Silos were tied with Matthew Nofel of the US, Nicolas D’Amour of the US Virgin Islands, Aliaksandr Liahusheu of Belarus, Miha Rozic of Slovenia, Sjef Van Den Berg of the Netherlands, and Morits Wieser of Germany for the 33rd to the 39th places.

Nofel tabbed the 33rd place after shooting 48 10s and 10 9s. Silos also had 48 10s but only had 9 9s. D’Amour, Liahusheu, Rozic, Van Den Berg and Wieser placed behind respectively.

“During the lockdown, I asked all our archers to keep shooting. I asked them to shoot regularly and to submit their scores. This is the only way we will know if our archers are in training or not,” World Archery Philippines Secretary-General Rosendo “Dondon” Sombrio told iNews.Ph.

The Philippines had 167 entries on the third leg of the Online World Series, which was spread around the country.

Although some shoot indoors – that includes basketball gyms, rice mill, offices and inside their homes since the event require only an 18-meter distance. Most were also shooting outdoors, at the conclave of their clubs, backyards, lawns and open spaces. Technical judges were assigned to all venues that had more than one shooter participating.

However, Sombrio also made sure they observe the health protocols ordered by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

“We made sure that the health protocols were observed properly. Before they enter the venue, there were temperature checks, alcohols, hand wash areas, facemasks and face shields were also required. But we allow them to shoot without the facemasks and face shields for better aim and breathing. Social distancing was also observed. Each shooter was 2.5 meters apart from each other. All of those who came had signed their details for contact tracing,” added Sombrio.

Saudi Arabia Malaysian coach Yap Lee Chong was impressed with this ingenuity of the Filipino archers.

“This is very impressive. I laud World Archery Philippines and Mr. Dondon Sombrio for making these things happen. It is very inspiring to see archers shooting in basketball court, rice mills, or at their offices and homes,” Chong said during a Zoom meeting last Saturday.

The next best finish for the Philippines was Julius Victorio Cootauco who landed at 85th place with 578 points, followed by Quint Abeijah Amongan who was at the 178th place with 562 points, (215th) Sean Jonathan Tanco with 557, (253rd) Allen Drei Raquipo with 553 points.

There were 62 others Filipino shooters who were included in the 1,233 field Recurve Men competition.

The Philippine best finishers in the Recurve Women’s competition were Phoebe Nicole Amistoso who was at the 77th place with 558 points followed by the 94th place Pia Elizabeth Angela Bidaure with 555 points, Caryl Generoso who landed at the 101st place with 553 points, 148th place Keturah Collene Gonzales with 543 points, Chrisha Mae Merto at the 164th place with 537 points and 34 others were listed in the World Archery official results page.

Paul Marton dela Cruz lead the Filipino campaigners in the Men’s Compound competition as he landed in the 58th place with 588 points with 13 other participating in the field of 791 archers. Andrea Robles leads the Women’s Compound finishers with 574 points which landed her at the 40th place. Either other Filipinas were in the field of 340 archers.

Sombrio is expecting a stronger finish for the Filipino archers in the Series’ final leg on February 12-14. RCM