MILO and DEPED aims active kids, better learners on new online program

CEBU CITY, Philippines, 16-Feb. 2021 – Amidst the complexity of the blended learning curriculum, MILO Philippines has forged a partnership with the Department of Education to cull an online program that will help keep the young learners active and alert.

MILO Sports Executive Luigi Pumaren, DepEd Region 7 director Dr. Salustiano Jimenez and Olympian Mary Joy Tabal took turns in expounding Milo’s latest online program – the Champion Habit P.E at Home program which teaches students as well as parents and adults keep an active daily routine before starting their daily activities.

The MILO Champion Habit – P.E. at Home is designed to make Physical Education (P.E.) classes accessible to schoolchildren nationwide in support of the country’s ongoing blended learning program.

“Active kids are better learners. The MILO Champion Habit is a program that is aimed to form a habit, a thing that our body will eventually look up to do before starting their online class or before doing their modules. Or even for parents or teachers before going to work,” Pumaren told Cebu sportswriters during the online launching and press conference at noon today.

This intensified partnership with DepEd look to aims to inject the worth of exercise among the Filipino youth by strengthening the P.E. curriculum with a specialized exercise program that MILO has provided to will enhance the educational experience of schoolchildren studying at home. Under this cooperation the MILO Champion Habit videos will be shown during P.E. classes to millions of elementary students nationwide on DepEd’s multi-media platforms that include DepEd TV and the DepEd Learning Commons online. The program is already available on the MILO YouTube Channel.

“As we undertake another academic year, it is important that we are able to provide the right tools to help our schoolchildren excel in their academic journey. It is through partnerships that we are able to maximize our capacities to bring quality education to the homes of our schoolchildren. Integrating our blended learning program with resources such as the MILO Champion Habit will further enrich our Physical Education curriculum to make exercise more appealing and enjoyable,” Dr. Jimenez added.

A research from Australian Department of Local Government Sports and Cultural Industries showed that kids exercising regularly have improved cognitive function, which could boost their academic performance. The MILO Champion Habit – P.E. at Home is a six-minute video that shows fundamental set of exercises that will promote better physical and mental development.

The program is expertly developed in tandem with the University of the Philippines College of Human Kinetics, which provided recommendations for the optimal duration, sequence and movements for kids between seven and 12 years old. The program demonstrates four circuit exercises focused on speed, agility, strength and power, giving kids a comprehensive training for body and mind.

“We see to it that we bring our partners together in creating a program that is not only well-rounded but also fun and enjoyable so that kids are motivated to focus on their studies,” stressed Pumaren.

Also at the launch was the 6-time National MILO Marathon Queen and a staunch advocate for sports and active living for children and Olympian Mary Joy Tabal.

“It is becoming more important for kids to remain physically active now that most of their daily routines are done at home. From my experience, exercise was a fundamental part of my growth when I was a student athlete. With the MILO Champion Habit – P.E. at Home, we can inspire more children to get moving and help them focus on their studies more,” who also has an instructional video exercises for upstart marathoner. RCM