June 13, 2021


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Dexter Alazas with the models.


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FREESTYLE by Dexter Alazas

MFF X STYLEM X OKADA ALIAZ, as what it’s called, is the young and hip street style line that serves as the alter ego of the ALAZAS luxe resort collection the designer is known for in his previous PMFF shows. This season, the Cebuano designer / stylographer created the STYLEM collection with an East meets West inspiration infused with a wearable art detail.

No photo description available.The women’s wear looks were influenced by Asian kite patterns in square and triangle shaped cuts, shown on the hanky drop, red skirt and aqua top, that can be worn vise versa. The long pistachio katagino with its razor sharp shoulders, is fastened just at the waist to hold the piece together.

pmffThe sports top for men is emblazoned with an ALIAZ gold star logo patched at the back, complimenting the trapezoid fabric clutch bags of the ladies.

To complete the western side story of the collection, Dexter Alazas channeled American artist Jackson Pollock’s abstract detail with a splatter – drip painting art technique, making the STYLE M Japan fabric as Alazas’ artistic canvas.

I flew to Manila to showcase the collection and styled it and it was a risk worth taking. I needed to show the world that Filipinos live and breathe Philippine Fashion and that we have to face our fears and challenges to show our artistry and craft as a Cebuano, and as a Filipino.

This is the official launch of my 2021 wearable art line, combining my being an artist and Artisan as what one of my mentors once told me, that I have to show it. If I am at the right time at the right place. . And Manila Fashion Festival is the perfect event for it.  Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 13, the fashion reboot.