January 27, 2023


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Gian Aznar, great grandson of Matias H. Aznar, founder of Southwestern University, is following in his family’s footsteps of publicservice.

Gian grew up with a family dedicated to building and improving theeducational landscape,

service, and charity. He believes that he has spent most of his life preparing for this moment and is now ready to take on theresponsibility of Cebu City’s North District Councilor if elected in thecoming 2022 elections.

As a former teacher, seafarer and a current businessman, Gian is great with people, building connections with them and has a deepunderstanding of life’s many different struggles and triumphs.

Gian Aznar as a leader, aims to inspire and empower his community to create a culture of

self-reliant community members. He currently does this by setting anexcellent example through his multiple charitable works, providingcitizens the proper use of resources to help others, educating thecommunity and so much more. He is confident that he can lead theCebuano’ s towards a better tomorrow with this mindset and practice.

As he ventures into a life of service for his countrymen, Gianaims to lead with passion and compassion as Cebu City’s nextCouncilor for the North District.

For more updates on his advocacies and current work, youmay check out: Facebook:  www.facebook.com/gianaznar2022

Facebook group: Abante Norte! Cebu City North District Group Para Sa#aGianSaKalambuan