May 31, 2023


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‘Chocolate Queen,’ Raquel with a cacao farmer in Sintang, Indonesia

The Chocolate Chamber (TCC) celebrates its 10th year since the incorporation of its mother company, Ralfe Gourmet.

TCC reconnects with cacao stakeholders here and abroad online through the Beyond Chocolate Virtual Tour of TCC.

TCC highlighted her trip in West Borneo in Sintang, Indonesia in 2018 upon the invitation of then KKG, now CUKK (Credit Union of Keling Kumang).

Dubbed as ‘Chocolate Queen,’ Raquel inspired farmers to grow cacao – a high value crop.

During her visit, farmers in Sintang had a challenge on cacao-farming due to the low buying price of cacao.

46492802_1911276475593442_1162319653259706368_nWith Sintang’s vast lands, the ‘Chocolate Queen’ encouraged and gave their farmers hope to grow cacao sustainably by observing good agricultural practices to have a good yield and quality beans thereby commanding a better price.

To deepen their appreciation on the crop, the ‘Chocolate Queen’ shared the rich chocolate heritage among Filipinos through the making of tablea and savor the richness of sikwate from fermented and dried beans.

At present, Credit Union of Keling Kumang leads the cacao-growing project and cacao tourism endeavor of the Coop.

During the Beyond Chocolate Virtual Tour of TCC, Yohana Tamara, Business Consultant of CUKK gave updates on the cacao-related businesses of the Coop.(PR)