September 22, 2023


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Brick Lane's Ring Doughnuts

London-Style Doughnut Shop Opens 2nd Branch

Brick Lane’s Ube Glazed & Filled

If you think of that mouth-watering, soft, fluffy and delicious dessert slash snack, the popular demand that tops the mind is none other than – DOUGHNUTS! And one shop that is known for its London-style doughnuts, Brick Lane Doughnuts.

April 2019, when Brick Lane Doughnuts started as a small pickup point inside a restaurant and eventually opened its own shop by December of the same year in Vibo Place in N. Escario St. And just this October 2021, Brick Lane opens its 2nd branch in Oakridge Business Park.

Owner, Mr. Allen Andre Suarez, saw the opportunity of expansion as Brick Lane’s popularity expanded in all areas in Cebu. He describes Brick Lane Doughnuts as cream-filled and sugar-coated, yet not so sweet that can make you feel like eating a second one or ever a third!

Suarez travelled the world to taste all types of doughnuts and found the best ones in London. The shop, whose name is inspired by the famous street in the East End of London, aims to take the familiar, the extraordinary, and the unique flavours of London doughnuts to the Philippines by offering a wide range of flavours in Brick Lane.

Brick Lane Doughnuts offers three variations of the classic pastry, the Ring Doughnut, the Classic Doughnut and the Specialty Doughnut.

The Ring Doughnuts, with a hole in the middle, made with the signature Brick lane Dough and an array of unique toppings. Amongst the popular ring doughnuts are the Dark Chocolate (Dark-choco frosted), the John Lemmon (Lemon glazed with chia seeds), the Cereal Ring (Choco- frosted and topped with crispy cereal) and the favourite of the children, the Springfield (Pink glazed with sprinkles)

The Classic Doughnuts are filled with rich cream that is made fresh daily and are finished with a dusting of sugar, just enough to perfect its sweetness. Some of the popular flavours are the Original Custard (Vanilla custard filling), the Nutella Marble (Chocolate-hazelnut cream), and the sweet and salty Cheddar Milk.

While the Specialty Doughnuts are filled and frosted doughnuts, that is a treat in every bite. Popular choices are the Strawberry Glazed & Filled (Strawberry cream filled and sweet strawberry glazed) made with real strawberries, the S’mores (Choco-cream filled with roasted marshmallow, graham bits and chocolate), and the Ube Glazed & Filled (Ube-filled and frosted).

As per Suarez, the flavours are inspired by things that delight and please customers. “There’s a bit of nostalgia, like the S’mores doughnut, which is torched to finish, just like at the campfire. The scents and flavours of the season are also inspiration of doughnuts, like the Pumpkin Spice (Specialty doughnut), that is only available during the Halloween season,” he added.

As part of Brick Lane’s further expansion and development, by early next year, it will open its doors to interested parties for franchising.

Brick Lane also offers coffee to perfectly match every bite of your favourite doughnut. (PR)

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