June 7, 2023


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The Facility. A safehaven for our friends.

Unconditional Love Deserves Unconditional Love


They are helpless and vulnerable. Scared and suffering. They are victims of a sometimes cruel and irresponsible society. Yet all they ask is just a little love. The joy these beautiful creatures give us cannot be quantified. For animal lovers, just being with them is heaven!

These animals are our best friends, our security and protectors, our therapists and to some… Our world!

Judy (before)
Judy (after)

Yet sadly, so many are abandoned, tortured and abused, left to survive in the harsh environment, many foraging for scarce food while suffering sickness and pain. Many are tied or heartlessly caged for their entire lives. Do we even try to imagine what it would be like to be in their situation? And NO! They are not “just” animals! They are voiceless amid living in danger thru rain, heat, dust, storms… And others trying to avoid reckless drivers from squashing them.

Many do not survive. Why have a pet and not have the responsibility of taking care of them? Fortunately there are kindhearted people who are trying to make a difference in their own little way… One animal at a time. But they cannot do it alone. THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

We are blessed to have a safe sanctuary for these furry friends. THE DUMAGUETE ANIMAL SANCTUARY (DAS)

Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary was established in June 2019 by Christine Askew and her husband Robie Bernardo as a way of trying to help some of the neglected, abused and abandoned animals that they saw all around Dumaguete.


With the help of donations from the public, a shelter site was rented and the shelter facilities slowly built.

In November 2019 DAS received its official charity registration via the Securities & Exchange Commission and we now have an official board of members.

DAS has now around 130 dogs, who are looked after by two full time caretakers, who live on site. We are solely funded by donations and rely completely on the generosity of the public to maintain the sanctuary and keep all our rescues healthy and happy.

We also have a few dedicated volunteers, who help us with day to day running of the shelter, adoptions, social media and shelter visits.


Matty, his front leg was cruelly cut-off and was constantly abused.

Our aim is to try to alleviate the suffering of animals in the Dumaguete area. There are so many stray animals in distress arising from neglect, abandonment, an unchecked population expansion and limited access to adequate veterinary care.

Until an effective Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVR) plan can be implemented (we are working on this), our aim is to rescue animals, return them to health, and then find suitable homes where they can live out their lives in safety and comfort.

At the moment we are still a very small charity and limited financially by what we can do. And we do this without government support.

If you see an animal in need please consider what you are willing to do to help

first. Any animal brought into the shelter has to be tested for illness, vaccinated, treated with a broad spectrum de-wormer / anti-mange tablet and also spayed or neutered. This costs on average 10,000 pesos. Often a little help from you, including some basic, inexpensive food and medicine, will make all the difference.

Look at him now. Adopted and now lives in Cebu.


Rescue and rehabilitate injured stray animals in severe need of help Place animals with adoptive ‘parents’ for a happy, safe and content life Work with Local and National Government bodies to promote better animal welfare Provide limited veterinary aftercare for our adopted animals Create a community of people willing to help with our mission we can be contacted at info@dumagueteanimalsanctuary.com


Donations can be made via Gcash c/o Christine Askew 09054949030 Other ways to donate:

1. Direct automatic transfer to our BDO account. Name Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary Inc. Account 008040106368 (for overseas donations you will need the swift code BNORPHMMXXX )

2. Through our LEARN MORE button on the facebook page. If you click on it, it will give you the option to donate.

3. Directly through our website via paypal https://www.dumagueteanimalsanctuary.com/index.php/how-can-i-help/donate/

4. Through Palawan / cebuana/ western Union Put in the name of Christine Askew telephone 0905 4949 030 If you are using any of the above, PLEASE SEND US YOUR NAME AND THE DETAILS WE NEED TO COLLECT – a screen shot of the receipt would be really helpful. Thank you

5. BPI Ruben Bernardo 9499152547