June 7, 2023


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·         To go after corrupt officials

·         Create PEOPLES COURT to litigate corruption cases

·         Foreign investments promised

·         MSME, Cooperatives to play a major role in economic recovery

·         Empowerment of LGUs through local autonomy


CEBU CITY – Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao promised his supporters of a clean and proactive government if he wins the presidential race on May 9, 2022.

Pacquiao unveiled some of his program plans once installed as the 17th President of the Philippines, to the hundreds of leaders and supporters from Visayas and Mindanao during the United Manny Pacquiao Movement (UMPM) and PROMDI Vis-Min Convention held Saturday evening, November 13, 2021, at the Hotel Fortuna Ballroom.

The 8-Division World Champion revealed that he had already talked with foreign investors who are willing to invest in the country if he is going to win the elections.

“I have already talked with foreign investors, they are billionaires, I talked to more than 10 foreign billionaires that are willing to invest in the country if I win the (presidential) election. They are more than 10 billionaires but only five to eight of them are committed, the others though still have apprehensions. This means a lot of jobs, hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs that will be created. And that will help our Economic Development, and towards the recovery of our crushing economy,” Pacquiao said in local vernacular.

However, these multinational companies would require employees with at least a college degree and maybe a few skilled workers. Undergraduates need not worry, because Pacquiao has a ready solution by strengthening the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to address unemployment among those who do not have college degrees.

“My goal is for jobs to go looking for workers, not for workers to go looking for jobs,” Pacquiao added.

Pacquiao opened his speech by recalling how he and his siblings strive against poverty.

“My decision to run (for president) was conceived because I really wanted to help the poor. Who among the presidential aspirants can talk of poverty more eloquently than myself? I have experienced sleeping on the sidewalk with only a carton on the cold pavement. I experienced hunger many times; I was a laborer, worked in construction, to earn money for my family. I staked my life in the sports that have been good to me. Helping the needy is always my priority. I even spent half of my purse to help the poor. Because I know how it felt to be helpless. I know how it felt to be hungry. That is why I decided to run because I believe I can help improve the lives of the Filipinos,” the Senator from Saranggani Province continued.

Cebuano businessman Lorenzo “Chao” Sy, who introduced Pacquiao, shared the same beginning with the Filipino boxing icon.

“Senator Manny and I have similar beginnings. We were also struggling when my parents started our bakery business. There were times I envied my classmates at school because they had tasty snacks and huge allowances while I only had bread and a few centavos in my pocket. Thanks to our mother who worked hard with the help of my sisters – our business grew as what it is today. That is why I supported Senator Pacquiao because he is sincere and honest and his vision towards our country is realistic and doable,” Sy, who owned La Cebu Fortuna Bakeshop in West Covina, California in the US, emphasized.

Chao’s sisters – Rosa and Carmen were very supportive of his cause and also shared his passion to help the campaign of Senator Manny Pacquiao.

However, Pacquiao’s first order of business is to litigate corrupt officials.

“The problem of our country is corruption. It is the cancer of our society. Our country will not progress long as these people are still in the government. There are a lot of corruption issues but nobody went to prison. (But) That will change once I become president,” continued Pacquiao.

If he gets elected, Pacquiao will try to convince Congress and the Supreme Court to create a special court solely intended for corruption cases. It will be called the PEOPLE’S COURT, where decisions will come out within three to six months.

Pacquiao also wanted to promote local autonomy to empower LGUs to decide what project they will implement in their areas.

The cooperatives will also play a huge role in Pacquiao’s governance as all government transactions will go through cooperatives and no more individual transactions. This he believed is the solution to the rampant corruption in the country.

“My commitment is not just for the Filipino people, but also to God, They (have) underestimated my capability but as I always said, English is a language, not a measure of intelligence. And above all, righteousness and justice are foundations of a strong nation,” Pacquiao concluded. RCM