February 1, 2023


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CEBU CITY – Participants went home with added learning in training and coaching boxing after the conclusion of the ABAP Grassroots Coaching Seminar conducted by Philippine National Training Director Donald Abnett last November 22-24 at the Chao Sy Gym.

Nobody missed the lectures as well as the practical applications of the methods which Coach Abnett and his party, which includes Men’s Elite Head Coach Ronald Chavez, Youth Head coach Violito Payla and Admin Officer Rafael Reyes III.

Participants listened earnestly to the lectures of Coach Don Abnett


Not even accomplished coaches like Brix Flores of the Noy Pacing Flores Gym in Mandaue City and Edito Villamor, former head coach of ALA Boxing Gym who now operated the Villamor Brothers Boxing Gym in Pagsabungan, Mandaue City – skipped the lectures which were designed to provide local coaches wholesome techniques on how to innovate training to take away boredom of the gym works.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us. Some of the techniques and methods were familiar but most were refreshers, something that were forgotten but some were also new. No boring moments, because we have to listen intently so that you can internalise the teachings. And we learn innovative ways to make gym works fun time. Something that young boxers will enjoy during training time,” said former Palarong Pambansa gold medal winner Romar Kristoffer Embodo of boxing equipment maker Twister Enterprises.

Coach Don Abnett showed some drills that can be useful in the gym training. 

Abnett, who heads the team of Philippine boxing coaches to Tokyo Olympics, touched all facets of effective coaching – skills training and development, strength and conditioning, psychology, physiology and nutrition.

From 23 on the first day, the number grew to 28 on the last final day while from six boxers which Abnett initially required reached to more than 20 on the final day. Most, wanted to impress the national coaches for the chance to become a member of the national team.


The King of the Ring, which was a game designed to prepare a boxer from different style came out a competitive event especially to the boxers who already had experience in major competitions.


AJ Ala Villamor defeated four other competitors to be named King of the Ring for the “inexperienced” group while Kyle Sumalinog who was the youngest of the group defeated seven other boxers, including his older brother Kevin to win the title.

AJ Ala Villamor (right) won the beginner’s group of the King of the Ring Challenge.


‘Definitely, I will adopt the kind of training that Don Abnett is teaching us and the King of the Ring Challenge will definitely change the sparring sessions. From now on, training will be fun,” added Flores.

Kyle Sumalinog (middle) is surrounded by the other participants whom he defeat in the “Experience Group” King of the Ring Challenge


The Cebu seminar came at the heels of the Cagayan de Oro event which was participated by 12 coaches. The next stop will be in Bago City, Negros Oriental. RCM