March 29, 2023


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Lito Gruet


May be an image of 1 person and standingI speak not for myself but for my brothers and sisters in recovery. It is high time to deservingly reward those who have dedicated their lives to help and save others from addiction. It is not easy to share one’s darkest and most embarrassing moments in their life. But we believe the “message” is more important than the messenger. And this is how we pay it forward in gratitude for our salvation.
May be an image of 1 person, standing and indoorMake no mistake. To receive “Certificates of Appreciation” and “Honorariums” are experiences of fulfillment, taking into account the personal battles fought and the victories won against addiction, and these are considered as more than enough blessings for drug abuse speakers/lecturers. But lest we forget, most recovering drug dependents and recovery coaches who willingly share their inspiring story of recovery have lost everything of value they had and are starting from nothing . And even if they willingly volunteer to share, a little additional income will greatly help. And by doing this, this does not change the advocacy into a “business”. This is simply for humanitarian considerations.
May be an image of 5 people and people standingLet us change this third world “pwede na ang certificate” mentality and set a speakers fee commensurate to the time and effort spent. This will greatly go a long way for the speakers who are also struggling to survive day to day, most specially during this economically crushing pandemic.
For many who are blessed to be given the gift of communication, they educate and inspire, and directly or indirectly SAVE LIVES while many from other fields or careers work to save “themselves”, yet are paid insanely much more. Drug abuse speakers in other countries are compensated generously and can make a career out of it. So what is the difference between their speakers and ours?
Most drug abuse speakers in the Philippines on the other hand are more than grateful to just be given the opportunity to pay it forward WITHOUT demanding a fee. But let us take the initiative and help a little more than just a “Thank you” or a certificate. Remember, this is a mission to save your loved ones LIFE!
*Disclaimer : The contents of the article are personal opinions of mine and does not represent any other individual or group.