June 7, 2023


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Refocus enrolls the first students in the Philippines, aiming to educate 1 million students in 5 years

Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Refocus

Refocus, an EdTech company that provides up-to-date practical skills and employment opportunities, entered the Philippine market to meet the demand for qualified digital and tech employees. The company has already launched three courses: Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and QA Engineer. Refocus set an ambitious goal to educate 1 million students in 5 years.

To achieve this, the education company provides practice-focused training. Each course consists of 150+ hours of lectures, 19 assignments, and requires 6 months of training to be certified. For a greater learning outcome, each course has mentors who track students progress.  In addition to the core classes, Refocus implemented 1 on 1 mentorship sessions with students to make  them understand all the information and get job-ready skills.

APAC region is an attractive market for EdTech products, as many developing countries generate a growing demand for talent, which stimulates high support and the need for diversity in the choice of knowledge providers. Nowadays, the local IT sector provides many job opportunities and at the same time requires highly qualified specialists.. In Q2 2021, the country’s GDP grew by 11.8%, according to a country’s statistics office report. Such growth is driving rapid digitalization and increasing demand for IT professionals.

Roman Kumar Vyas, founder of Refocus strongly believes that typical university education isn’t enough to meet the needs of companies that are developing very quickly and need the same advanced team. His other EdTech project in Asia, Coding Invaders by MentorsPro, an online IT school in India, already has dozens of employed alumni and grows x2 each month. Roman plans to simplify the employment process for specialists in the Philippines and assist them on their way to earning competitive salaries.

‘’We’ve done a considerable amount of upfront preparatory groundwork and have carefully studied the Philippines market. So we know the challenges employers and job seekers face. Therefore, in our Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and QA Engineer programs, students receive only practical knowledge that will be useful to them in their work. We also realized that the target audience of students at the large cities primarily uses English for professional education and career development. That’s why we are now actively developing even more tailored courses, moving away from English and into local languages’’says Roman Kumar Vyas, the founder of Refocus.

To provide employment opportunities for Philippines specialists, the company focuses on job seeking skills. For instance, the separate dedicated department with labor market specialists  help students to upgrade their CV’s and complete interviews. All students go through more than 10 mock and simulations job interviews to get prepared for their real ones, and we teach them how to search for the best vacancies and negotiate with employers.


Name of Media Contact:  Roman Vyas
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Title of Media Contact: Founder
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Company Name:  Refocus
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