May 31, 2023


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Teacher Tess, school director receives the award for Advance Learning Education Provider given by the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards.


Childlink Learning Center and High School Inc. has gained recognition for its efforts to continually upgrade its curriculum.

The school is the recipient of the Business Achievement and Recognition Award for Advance Learning Education Provider of the Year 2021 in Metro Cebu.

The Advance Learning Education Provider Hall of Fame was awarded to Childlink last March 12, 2022 for the sustained effort of providing relevant and quality education to the community.

The award underscores the thrust of Childlink to always incorporate new teaching strategies to prepare their students to become active members of the community.

Despite the pandemic, Childlink’s strategy ensures that the school maintains quality education it has always strived for, says founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio.

Ms. Tio noted that the school has been able to inculcate good values in their students before the pandemic occurred and these values enabled the students to cope with the challenges brought about by online classes.

The sense of responsibility that these students acquire also helped them as they go on to higher learning institutions and acquire the commitment to do their part becoming responsible members of the community.

The school has been active in promoting advocacies such as teenage pregnancy and  bullying among others as well as organizing outreach programs.

Recently, Childlink initiated the launching of the advocacy for climate change. The event called A Call to Action To Stop Climate Change was participated by various schools and organizations. 

The said activity is in response “to the global call of making gender equality as an approach to mitigating climate change.”

“Climate change is a global crisis. It has a negative impact on people and the environment around the world. All of us will be affected; however, not all of us will be affected in the same way,” Ms. Tio said during the launching held on March 14.

She explained that they took the lead in inviting participating schools such as Yokkaichi Maryknoll School in Japan, Fu Jen University in Taiwan, other Z  Clubs in other provinces, Our Lady of Joy Learning Center in Consolacion, Cebu and Cebu Normal University.

Aside from the mother club, officers and members of the Zonta Club of Cebu II, the Miriam Environmental Planning Organization in Manila, Z Club of Childlink High School Cebu and the Childlink elementary students also joined the said event.

The Childlink students have suggested different activities to protect the environment, Ms. Tio disclosed, adding that they would also get inputs from the teachers and parents.

These suggestions submitted will be studied by the school’s admin team who will determine the recommendations that can be implemented in the incoming school year, she added. “We integrate all the contributions and suggestions and take action on these.” 

The first step would be to create awareness among the students about climate change and how it can have adverse effects not only on the present generation but the future generations as well, Ms. Tio said.

However, she believed that the students can easily understand the gravity of climate change.

 “I think the issue on climate change, they (students) can easily be understood. They can easily relate (to climate change),” Ms. Tio said. “ We encourage them to take an active role. After all, the future belongs to the young people.”

 In her speech during the activity, she stressed the role of educational institutions in promoting awareness on climate change. “Education is the key to mitigate climate change.”

“Today, we support the global call to stop climate change through awareness of the issue and to make use of education as a platform for change.  We promote and support equality in education and at the same time include climate literacy in our schools more so, promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) studies to allow our students to understand better and make valuable contributions to climate change mitigation,” Ms. Tio pointed out.

According to Ms. Tio, the school can incorporate the value of love for the environment in their lessons. Even a simple thing as teaching children to pick up wrappers and other trash will make prevent them from throwing these indiscriminately, she added. 

What Childlink aims to do is to instill enthusiasm and drive among its students so they can contribute to climate change mitigation, Ms. Tio said.(PR)