March 23, 2023


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lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

My column is mostly dedicated to sharing inspiring REAL LIFE stories of recovery. With their consent I will be featuring a series of amazing recovery stories. Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance AND we do not deserve condemnation, judgment nor death! Yes, there is HOPE in recovery.

This is the story of Brax  and his journey to recovery:

Growing up was not easy, at an early age I already lost both of my parents. Me and my brother were left alone. But despite the trials and challenges my brother persisted in life while I got lost and ended up as a “snatcher” and a “thief” roaming around the streets of Cebu, mostly at the pier area.

For 14 years my life was miserable. At an early age I got introduced to drugs and ended up being caught and was put to jail. But despite everything my faith in God remained. God saved me.

Last 2020, my friend Jerome Capada helped me recover and since then I have been living a much more meaningful life free from drug addiction. What makes it more special is I got to share my recovery together with my brother and my soon to be wife.

Above all, God lead me to Safehaven for me to inspire and help others recover. I am Brax Evad Rabaya , Safehaven Advocate. Truly there is HOPE. Life will indeed get BETTER.

We are BAI Foundation and Safehaven Recovery Village Facilitating Change. Transforming Lives.

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