March 23, 2023


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lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

My column “Killing the Soul” is mostly dedicated to sharing inspiring REAL LIFE stories of recovery. With their consent I will be featuring a series of amazing recovery stories. Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance AND we do not deserve condemnation, judgment nor death! Yes, there is HOPE in Recovery!

And here is another inspiring story on recovery:

She started drinking alcohol during her elementary days and was hooked on drugs for 19 long years.

She studied in prestigious schools here in Cebu City and she even studied law but was not able to pursue it because her addiction had gotten worst.

She ended up being alone and used their home as a drugging and drinking place.

But despite hitting rock bottom, she kept her faith. God saved her.

Last 2019, Safehaven Recovery Village came to the rescue. Now, she is living a clean and sober life and helping others recover. Her mom and siblings is so happy with her transformation.

Meet Coach Jenny, Safehaven Advocate and Ambassador of HOPE.

Photo Credits: Bop Buenaventura Facilitating Change. Transforming Lives.

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