December 9, 2023


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SafeHaven Joseph Stephen Reyes

Joseph Stephen Reyes

KILLING THE SOUL: An Achiever with A Booming Career

lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

My column is mostly dedicated to sharing inspiring REAL LIFE stories of recovery. With their consent I will be featuring a series of amazing recovery stories. Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance AND we do not deserve condemnation, judgment nor death! Yes, there is HOPE in Recovery.

Meet Joseph Stephen Reyes.
He had nice job, was well travelled and had some businesses. He was a well known Chef in Davao who used to have a cooking show.  He also used to be a talent manager having so much plans for the future.
But what happened to him?
He almost ended his life. At one point in his life when couldn’t find purpose but only despair, he tried to commit suicide. He was brought a couple of times to the hospital due to drug overdose and alcoholism.
His family felt helpless, especially his mother who was constantly worried and no longer knew what to do to help him regain his life back.
But despite what happened, he never let go of God.  God saved him.
Two years ago he arrived in Cebu and went to Safehaven drunk. As any other addict, Joseph also felt the need to change despite being apprehensive since he was deep into his addiction. But as the days turned into weeks and weeks turned to months, slowly, he fell in love with recovery and never looked back.
His mother and siblings are so happy now.  He has been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol addiction and what makes it more special is that he inspires the LGBTQ community.
Meet Joseph Stephen Reyes, Safehaven Advocate and Ambassador of HOPE.♥️ Facilitating Change. Transforming Lives.
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