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The thanksgiving night last June 9, 2022 with the theme: “Pasalamat”,

RAFI HDPR Honors Komunidad Kontra Covid 19 Partners

Amaya Cristina Aboitiz-Fansler, RAFI President and Chief Executive Officer expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all partners who gave their time and effort to support RAFI and its endeavors during the fight against COVID-19.

The last two year were challenging to mankind, all due the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Yet despite the challenges, meaningful partnerships can still thrive. 

The Humanitarian Disaster Preparedness and Response program of the Ramon Aboitiz  Foundation, Inc. (RAFI HDPR) worked closely with local government units (LGUs), private  organizations, and other civil society groups in the fight against COVID-19. Together with partner  organizations, RAFI HDPR was able to serve and provide timely aid to communities in the form  of relief, information education campaigns, vaccination drives, patient transportation support, and  much more.  

To celebrate these collaborations and efforts, the RAFI HDPR organized a recognition  and thanksgiving night last June 9, 2022. True to the theme: “Pasalamat”, RAFI HDPR showed  their appreciation and gratitude to all organizations and individuals who stood with them in the  execution of activities to fight and alleviate the impact of COVID 19 on at-risk communities.  

The attendees of the event included all the partner government and non-government  organizations, individuals and companies including the Department of Health, Visayas  Vaccination Operations Center, Project Balik Buhay, Department of Interior and Local  Government, Philippine Colleges of Physicians – Central Visayas Chapter, Cebu Medical Society, 

and LGU’s Cebu City, Mandaue City, Talisay City, the Municipalities of Minglanilla, Cordova, Lilo an, Consolacion, and Lapu-lapu, among others. 

Amaya Cristina Aboitiz-Fansler, RAFI President and Chief Executive Officer expressed  her heartfelt gratitude to all partners who gave their time and effort to support RAFI and its  endeavors during the fight against COVID-19.  

“Our shared efforts left a significant impact on the communities we hoped to support. From  public school teachers to micro-entrepreneurs, to indigenous communities, to ordinary citizens,  our shared work encouraged communities to take caution, and later get vaccinated. There was  one particular story which I would like to share where through the campaign we were able to  encourage a few of our Badjao teachers and community members to get vaccinated. They even  developed an exceptionally beautiful vaccination jingle (…) We are deeply grateful to have worked  very closely with all of of you. The last two years were tough, but if we all work towards shared  goals, the journey just becomes a little less arduous,” Fansler expressed.

In 2020, RAFI HDPR launched the Komunidad Kontra Covid 19 campaign intended to  raise awareness on the deadly virus and protect the wellbeing and welfare of at-risk communities.  Through the campaign, response activities were executed including donations of food packs, care  kits, personal protective equipment, and other COVID 19 essentials to respective communities 

and healthcare facilities. Through the campaign, RAFI HDPR provided transportation services and other support to healthcare workers while implementing projects like the HUNAW Project, the  Water Relief Fund, Shots of Hope and the Bakuna Awards, among others. Several IEC  campaigns released in different channels were also done throughout the campaign in partnership  with doctors and medical consultants. 

In 2021, RAFI was awarded as the Most Outstanding COVID-19 Volunteer Organization  in Central Visayas Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency. RAFI Chief  Operating Officer Riella Guioguio shares the recognition to all the program partners who helped  the organization mitigate the effects of the virus and rise above the pandemic. 

Taking inspiration from these partnerships, RAFI stays committed to serving more communities and establishing collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations to  continue elevate the well-being of communities. 

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The Humanitarian Disaster Preparedness and Response Program of the Ramon Aboitiz  Foundation, Inc. is tasked in handling disaster response activities affecting communities primarily  in Cebu and the rest of the country. The response approach involves relief operations,  rehabilitation efforts, trainings for partner local government units and funding partner  organizations.

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