March 29, 2023


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The Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu has collected a total of Php 20.192 Billion for the first half of the year, exceeding its six-month target for the period by Php 3.053 Billion or 17.81%. The revenue surplus banked so far results from consistently exceeding monthly targets since the start of 2022. The Port also posted in April, May, and June, its three highest monthly collections ever in the Port’s history. This semester’s collections also reflect growth of Php 4.773 Billion or 31% percent compared to the revenues collected for the same period last year.

District Collector Charlito Martin R. Mendoza attributes the Port’s positive fiscal performance to its officers’ and employees’ unwavering dedication and consistency in applying valuation and classification rules for imports. The Port also maximized revenues by promptly resolving seizure cases and disposing of forfeited goods through auctions. He also credits the Port’s stakeholders, who have been proactive in their compliance and regularly participate in Port-initiated webinars on latest policies and procedures and public consultations.

Another major contributing factor to revenue collections is the Port of Cebu’s active participation in implementing the reform agenda of the Bureau particularly its anti-smuggling and border security program and good governance initiatives. In May, the Port deployed three new high-speed boats for on-sea patrolling and interdiction and two units of Trace Detection System for detection of explosives, narcotics and drug substances through sampling non-visible trace amounts of particulates. In the same month, the Port’s enforcement and intelligence officers participated in the International Seaport Interdiction Training conducted by the U.S. Export Control and Border Security Program. The Port also conducts a series of internal workshops and seminars, covering an array of significant professional development topics.

In February, the Port of Cebu passed the Proficiency Stage of the Performance Governance System with a rating of 87.4%.

Just last month, the District Port passed the final external audit for ISO 9001:2015 Certification conducted by TuvSud Philippines. Since the Subport of Dumaguete and Subport of Mactan were the first to be conferred the certification in the past two years, passing this final audit now makes the Port of Cebu the first collection district to have its main port and all subports ISO 9001:2015 certified.

With the continued implementation of the ongoing programs and initiatives of the Bureau through the end of the year, the Port of Cebu is on track to hit and deliver its assigned full-year collection target of Php 37.842 Billion. (Bureau of Customs PH)