June 7, 2023


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Lito Gruet

Lito Gruet, the author


Battle Against Ignorance Foundation (BAI Foundation) and Safehaven Recovery Village is going all out to STOP THE STIGMA! Because not all addicts are evil.
Sadly most people (and business owners) would ignore helping support a person in recovery, or a foundation trying to help the entire family, simply because they believe we are hopeless, incorrigible and deserve to be JUDGED, CONDEMNED or KILLED! They would rather support other foundations/outreach programs and not even consider giving chances to those who ALSO need and deserve to be helped.
We are NOT evil people! We are GOOD PEOPLE who made wrong choices… just like everyone else! Which is why we deserve to be given chances to recover. We too are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of someone who love us. Remember… Drug Addiction is a DISEASE and not just a habit you can set aside.
Let us be realistic and truthful here. There is so much fear and hate when we hear the word “Addict” and for good reason. We hear of horror stories of paranoid or desperate addicts who mercilessly rape and brutally kill women and children, with grandmothers not spared! And in many cases they rape their OWN flesh and blood! Addiction breeds more criminals.
Out of the need to sustain the vice, many become pushers themselves, steal, scam, prostitute themselves, sell anything they can get their hands on (yes including selling babies and children… sometimes their own… to human traffickers! ) And I am not just referring to the poor addicts… well-to-do addicts do that too, trust me! The mindset of most addicts become so distorted that they have lost all morality, have no more conscience or remorse, and prioritizes drugs over the very people they have promised to protect with their very lives…their own family.
Then again they are just a SMALL percentage, a minority, of the population of drug abuse victims.
Let us never forget that not ALL addicts are the same. Yes, many made bad choices, choosing to do something destructive and illegal and ended up doing criminal acts…BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE THEM EVIL PEOPLE DESERVING TO BE KILLED.
Let’s not be hypocrites here. How many self-righteous people go to church yet continue doing evil things? How many “non-addicts” have worse personalities than many addicts themselves? How many are hot-tempered and violent? How many cheat on their spouses, cheat on people, are corrupt and are cruel to their own family and to those who work for them? At least the addict has a “reason” why he/she became that way (which is why they should be given a chance to recover). But many “self-righteous” people are innately corrupt and unfairly cruel.
Like me and many others like me, we did make wrong choices (who hasn’t?). We did criminal acts, we harmed and hurt people, most specially our shamed families. BUT WE WERE NOT EVIL. Addicts don’t deserve the citizens condemnation to be killed. They deserve to be given a second chance.
Just like “normal” people, regardless of religion, political affiliation, rich or poor, young or old, male, female or LGBT, the educated and illiterate, black, brown, yellow or white race, there will always be the good and the bad!
So even if those incorrigible and criminally-minded addicts who refuse to change deserve to be punished for their misdeeds, the “other” kind of addict deserves to be reformed.
And I and many others like me are living proof that recovery is possible. So many who reformed have become law-abiding, role model citizens! Many are now in high positions in business and in government! Just look at many of my brothers and sisters in recovery whom I am very proud of. Many have put up their own rehabs to help those willing to change. Many continue their advocacy in their own small way to repay “HIM” for their salvation! The challenge to reform and transform one who is in complete denial and refuses to change is truly difficult and stressful.
To me, they are our unsung heroes! (You know who you are!) Now tell me….IS IT FAIR TO JUDGE AND CONDEMN ALL ADDICTS AS EVIL AND DESERVING DEATH?
Look in the mirror brother, before you JUDGE.
(Pls share to spread awareness. This dangerous mindset has to change)
BAI Foundation