May 31, 2023


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Berta when he used to use drugs and beg on the streets.

KILLING THE SOUL: From ‘HATEFUL’ to ‘GRATEFUL’ (Do you believe in miracles?)

The author and Berta

Is it even possible that a former teacher who became a drug-using, street-dwelling beggar for 20 years actually recover and have a meaningful and productive life once again?

The answer is YES! Roberto Plando a.k.a.”Berta of Cebu” is living proof that we should never doubt God’s power of salvation! He did not just recover, he is now working a staff at Safehaven Recovery Village.

We, at BATTLE AGAINST IGNORANCE FOUNDATION and SAFEHAVEN RECOVERY VILLAGE believe in our hearts that anyone who is willing to change and is given tender, loving care in a safe, clean and loving environment will reform and transform thru God’s saving grace amid people who care and give him respect.

Every 3:00 pm while in the middle of our work in the facility, without fail, we hear this voice of gratitude coming from the heart. And we immediately stop what we are doing and listen.

Gone are his days of hunger, total absence of hygiene and homelessness. No one will ever laugh at or ridicule him, made fun of and shooed away as a nuisance and a pest! And it took just one caring person to bring him to us. Thank you blogger Anton Camilo. You helped us save a life.

Every 3:00PM, Berta would lead the prayer and everyone would stop with what they are doing and join him.

Yet there are still many “Bertas” out there that need to be rescued! We are very willing to help as many as we can but CANNOT DO IT ALONE. We need your help.

On behalf of CEO and President Pastor Ronnie G. Delos Santos, we are forever grateful to those who have compassionately reached out to us. Thank you Jesus

Battle Against Ignorance Foundation and Safehaven Recovery Village. Facilitating Change. Transforming lives. Because TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER.

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