May 31, 2023


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Lito Gruet, Outstanding Man of 2022


lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

When I was once sleeping on the filthy pavement, inside parked jeepneys, along the boulevard or inside some dirty jail or foraging for thrown leftovers in garbage bins, shoplifting to eat or selling drugs to sustain my daily fix, never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine I would be recognized for my advocacy and contribution to our difficult fight against addiction.

This “Outstanding Man of 2022” award belongs not to me but to our “OUTSTANDING GOD” who orchestrated my salvation and made me an “Ambassador of Hope”. All the Glory is HIS and not mine. For I never could have done this by myself.
Being appointed as Executive Director of Battle Against Ignorance Foundation (BAI Foundation) is His latest feather on my cap. And with gratitude I will do what I can for the remaining years of my senior life to continue helping the lonely, hurting, wounded and broken.
Thank you to “Best Magazine” and “Outstanding Men and Women” founder Richard Hinola II for the trust, the recognition and unconditional support for my advocacy as well as to my wife Stella Romero Gruet and our respective families and true friends and to my brothers and sisters in recovery who are all deserving to be awarded themselves for their selflessness and compassion to help those in need of love, acceptance and understanding.
The 6th “OUTSTANDING MEN AND WOMEN OF 2022” will be held in Teatrino Promanade, Greenhills, San Juan on August 27, 2022 at 6:00 pm.