May 31, 2023


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The Chocolate Queen Raquel Choa with Honduran Ambassador to South Korea Virgilio Paredes


Cacao de Bola over pizza

Cacao de Bola is one of the most distinct creations of the Chocolate Queen Raquel Choa, founder of The Chocolate Chamber, that is made proudly in Cebu.

As the Chocolate Queen would say, “If Europe has queso de bola and tartufo, we, Filipinos, we have Cacao de Bola.”
The world-class Cacao de Bola

Today, this pure-cacao ingredient has been used by high-end hotels and restaurants such as Mövenpick Boracay, Il Primo in NUSTAR, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, and the Manila Hotel. It is also used in the households of TCC patrons for home-cooked food and desserts.

Cacao de Bola was launched in New York at the United Nations and at the Philippine Consulate in New York in 2016.
The making of the Cacao de Bola has become a signature gesture of the Chocolate Queen as she entertains guests, friends, and tourists.
One of the recent witnesses to this magical tradition was Honduran Ambassador to South Korea Virgilio Paredes during his visit to Cebu last month.
Today, each Cacao de Bola is lovingly prepared in the same fashion; each made from hand-picked pure cacao beans; each imbued with a bit of the chocolate artisan’s soul; each pound — not ground — to perfection to create this unique product that enhances culinary creations both simple and sublime. (PR)