June 7, 2023


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Bogo City to host CESAFI Pre-Season tourney

BOGO CITY, Philippines – Five regular members of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (CESAFI) Juniors Division teams has signified its intention to take part of the Pre-Season tournament that will be hosted by the City of Bogo on September 10 to 18 2022.

Multi-titled University of the Visayas Baby Lancers and perennial top contenders Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu Magis Eagles along with the University of Cebu Baby Webmasters, the University of San Carlos Baby Warriors and the University of San Jose-Recoletos Baby Jaguars are taking part of the competition, officially sanctioned, and supervised by the CESAFI Officials.

“We are glad to have schools like UV, Ateneo de Cebu, UC, USJ-R, USC to take part of this competition which is officially sanctioned by the CESAFI itself,” said former Bogo City mayor Celestino “Junie” Martinez Jr and the city’s principal sports patron. “However, we are not closing the doors yet. Those (CESAFI member) schools who want to play in the tournament is still welcome. All they need to do is to attend the organizational and rules meeting set on September 6 at Casino Español if they are interested to join.”

CESAFI is set to return this year after a 2-year hiatus brought about by the corona virus pandemic.

“The City of Bogo itself is excited hosting this tournament. Since this is the first time that we will host this kind (pre-season) of tournament since the collegiate pre-season tournament back in 2015. This will also give motivation to our young basketball hopefuls to work hard and become a varsity player themselves,” added Martinez.

The City of Bogo Science and Arts Academy is also competing in this tournament.

Aside from the exposure and experience that CBSAA will get from this tournament, it is also looking after for looking for merits that will gain them a nod to become a provisionary member of CESAFI. (RCM)