May 31, 2023


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Expensive Candy, starring Carlo Aquino and Julia Baretto


EC 2Sweet, addictive, and will make you come back for more. Taste the best and most special treat there ever is as EXPENSIVE CANDY hits cinemas this September 14, 2022 

A romance film from the writer and director of blockbusters 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, The Day After Valentine’s and Just a Stranger, Jason Paul Laxamana; EXPENSIVE CANDY stars Julia Barretto like you’ve never seen her before and award-winning actor, Carlo Aquino. 

Julia Barretto proves her versatility as a prime actress in her portrayal of an Angeles City streetwalker. Julia expressed her excitement in portraying Candy, “I’m so, so, so excited for everybody to see this. It’s [like] nothing that I’ve ever done before. I’d like to believe it’s a coming-of-age film.” interview source:

The story is about finding love in the most unexpected places and betting everything you have to fight for it. Renato “Toto” Camaya (Carlo Aquino) is a high school teacher who falls in love at first sight with a hooker named Candy (Julia Barretto) after a night of paying to be with her. 

Something about Candy leaves a mark in Toto’s heart that he can’t forget about. So he tries to win her love and be with her as much as he can, even if he has to make an effort, even if he has to pay for her time. 

A humble man with a simple life, Toto’s only dream is to be with Candy, and he is willing to do anything and give up everything for her. But Candy has a different plan and has no intentions of being in a stable relationship with Toto. She wants to make it big by doing something she is good at: getting attractive rich men to be with her, have them pay her loads of money, and live the luxurious life she has always desired. 

Can Toto’s persistence change Candy’s plan and encourage her to have a change of heart? Or will Toto eventually realize that Candy’s love is a prize that even his greatest efforts can never earn? 

EXPENSIVE CANDY is the first team-up of Carlo and Julia, and the movie displays their screen chemistry from intimate scenes to note-worthy exchanges of lines. 

The movie is also the reunion project of Jason Paul Laxamana and Julia after Laxamana directed Julia’s 2019 movie, Between Maybes. 

From Viva Films, get to know more about Candy and Toto’s “special” and one-of-a-kind love story. Does everything, even love, have a price? And will you be willing to pay for it? Get your tickets and line-up for EXPENSIVE CANDY, in cinemas nationwide this September 14, 2022.