March 23, 2023


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Iping Amores

“Ginhawa, Delfin” by Iping Amores

DSC_5724“Ginhawa, Delfin” is a nod to a popular Bisaya radio drama that ruled the airwaves back when audio theater was the rage. Iping Amores took inspiration from it and crafted it into a different yet catchy storytelling medium that is relevant in the present times.
Iping Amores started in the Bisrock scene in the early 2000s with his band The Ambassadors, which popularized the hit song “Gugmang Giatay.”  The band may have disbanded, but the fire that propelled them still lives on in Iping Amores. And here he is continuing the work with this novelty flavored pop rock song.
Composed by Iping Amores
Published by Viva Music Publishing, Inc
Produced by Allaine Lee Godornes
Arranged by Allaine Lee Godornes and The Crëwcröcs
Recorded by Allaine Lee Godornes at Shelter Records and Garx Recording Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Allaine Lee Godornes