March 23, 2023


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Port of Cebu Collects Record-Breaking Php 4.5 Billion for September; Launches ABAMS

309453561_1067847793876880_600091785749054149_nThe Bureau of Customs Port of Cebu (BOC-Cebu) is making waves in the month of September after record-breaking collection of Php 4.5 Billion and launched the Automated Boarding Assignment Management System (ABAMS) The Port of Cebu collected total revenues of Php 4,489,290,000.00 for September, surpassing the month’s target by Php 1.134 Billion or 33.81%. This collection sets the Port’s highest monthly revenue record anew and reflects a Php 1.7 Billion or 59.43% year-on-year growth.

“With everyone’s renewed commitment and revved-up enthusiasm, we again crossed the Four-Billion-Peso mark we first breached in July. We have also set the Port’s highest quarterly collection this year at Php 12.38 Billion,” remarked District Collector Charlito Martin R. Mendoza. Since the start of 2022, the Port has a total running collection of Php 32.574 Billion with a surplus of Php 4.314 Billion or 15.26%.

District Collector Mendoza once again attributed the collection performance to the dedication and active participation of the Port’s personnel in the Bureau of Customs’ reform programs. He likewise credited the accomplishment to the steadfast support of the Port of Cebu’s stakeholders and partner agencies in implementing its good governance initiatives. With only a little over Php 5 Billion left in its annual collection target, the Port is well on track to deliver a sizeable collection surplus to the national treasury by yearend. Meanwhile, BOC-Cebu recently implemented an Automated Boarding Management System (ABAMS) through the Piers and Inspection Division.

A homegrown innovation of the Port of Cebu, ABAMS is a web-based system for assigning boarding team to incoming foreign vessels. The system provides fast and convenient upload tasks that deviate from traditional manual assignment using roulette.

This system provides automatic and random assignment of boarding teams, real-time updates of boarding assignments including staff and vessel status, approval of requests by the deputy district collector for operations, creation of electronic copies of assignment orders, automatic notification of task to team members of the boarding team via via Short Message Service (SMS). ) and upload the reports after the completion of the boarding formalities.

This is In line with the vision of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for the digital Philippines and its direction for the transition to technology management, the Port of Cebu, led by Commissioner Yogi Filemon L. Ruiz, continues to implement good governance initiatives and use automation and digital solutions in its systems and processes.

Its also the vision of commissioner Ruiz that BOC-Cebu continues to strive to surpass the collection targets for the remaining months of the year and contribute to the government’s economic recovery programs.