March 23, 2023


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lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

Society sadly condemns drug users and street dwellers as “hopeless”. But we, at Battle Against Ignorance (BAI) Foundation and Safehaven Recovery Village beg to disagree. Pictures speak a thousand words. God’s power to reform and transform is irrefutable.

“BERTA” was a former schoolteacher. He was heartbroken and became an addict and lived 20 YEARS in the streets, homeless and begging to survive each day.

“NOGNOG” was also an abandoned street dweller and substance abuser. Living in the streets for almost 20 YEARS before he was rescued.

“MR. COKE” survived the pandemic and lived in the streets for several years. Likewise a substance abuser. He too begged each day to survive !

Coming from the same familiar world, BAI Foundation and Safehaven join forces and collaborate to help the “Awesome Threesome”.

They are no longer hungry nor homeless. No longer broken, lonely, wounded or hurting. They are in a safe, loving community and are accepted with open arms and no longer sent away like stray dogs. They now have a HOME.

Though we will try our best to save every soul, we can only do so much. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue doing our advocacy. Because we believe everyone deserves a better life. We need your prayers because our task is never easy. Look at the proof. Do we discard people like them like old shoes? Remember, they are someones loved one too.

*For heartfelt donations, pls. message me in my Facebook account under LITO GRUET or thru our Facebook page BATTLE AGAINST IGNORANCE FOUNDATION.

We are registered under the Security and Exchange Commission. God bless us all!