March 23, 2023


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Bryan Dave Rabaya


lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

My column is mostly dedicated to sharing inspiring REAL LIFE stories of recovery. With their consent I will be featuring a series of amazing recovery stories. Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance AND we do not deserve condemnation, judgment nor death! Yes, there is HOPE in Recovery.

Working at the pier area got me exposed to a lot of things, at a very young age I had my first taste of shabu that made me become somebody I’m not.

I became a thief and a scam artist that would later lead me to a life inside prison.

I lost myself, my family and my friends. I became unreliable. I became a thief and a scam artist. Because of shabu I hit rock bottom.

Back then nobody would trust me anymore, even my family and relatives thought that I would no longer change. But my faith in our Lord God remained.

He redirected my life. I was sent to rehab and after treatment I started to rediscover myself once again. I am now 2 years clean and sober and just got my license.

Above all I will be getting married soon. I am really thankful to Lord God. He did not only save me but He has given me purpose.

As an advocate of Safehaven Recovery Village, this time I am able to help save lives and not destroy them. I choose to leave the addiction behind and I will never look back. Meet Bryan Dave Rabaya , Ambassador of HOPE. Facilitating Change. Transforming Lives.