December 4, 2023


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Lary and son.


lito gruet
Killing The Soul by Lito Gruet

My column is mostly dedicated to sharing inspiring REAL LIFE stories of recovery. With their consent I will be featuring a series of amazing recovery stories. Indeed, everyone deserves a second chance AND we do not deserve condemnation, judgment nor death! Yes, there is HOPE in Recovery.

Lary is not the usual family man but he is really a loving, hardworking and responsible husband and father. He makes sure that this time no matter what, he will be able to provide for his family. He just loves his wife and son so much.

He once suffered from drug addiction and last 2019 he was rescued and brought to Safehaven.

Now he is not only living a happy peaceful life together with his wife and son but is also helping others to recover in life.

Lary , Safehaven Advocate and truly an Ambassador of hope.

Safehaven Recovery Village and Battle Against Ignorance Foundation. Facilitating Change. Transforming Lives. Because together we are better! Shared with consent. Thank you Emman Llenos

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