March 23, 2023


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SITOY CANESARES, before and after.


Sitoy Canesares

Almost 8 years ago I was an outcast.

Even though it was painful for my family, my mom and siblings left the Philippines and leaving me behind. My wife hated me so much back then because of my addiction. I was left alone.

I really wanted change but drugs would always take control of my life. I was a liability. Wherever I would go, they thought of me as a parasite and nobody would want me around. Not even the worst people would want to stand in the same room with me.

But I have never lost my faith in God; because I always knew that He is the the only one who can save me.

In 2015, my family decided to commit me into rehab and that is where my life completely changed.

Sitoy with his loving wife and children.

Today, I am living in a home  where there is love and respect together with my wife and kids.  I can truly feel the amazing gift of sobriety. I am literally embraced with love and welcomed with open arms everywhere I go. And with that, I am truly grateful to God, only He has turned my life around.  Without Him, I am nothing.

As I turn 49 years old today, and on my way to 8 years of being clean and sober from drug addiction, I look back to how far I have come and what more I could give in this life of mine. I am living a life that is full of purpose and with a mission to help save those who are broken and trapped in a life of addiction.

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