March 23, 2023


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Photo: AFP/Spot report photo

Six dead, high-powered firearms seized in gov’t-communists clash in N. Samar

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Six members of Dorillo Communists Terrorist Group were killed, and high-powered firearms were confiscated after an hour long a clash with the government troops on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022.

Two platoons from the government – 81DRC led by 1LT Laurente and 2LT Floresca and a platoon from 20IBB led by 2LT Dalo encountered around 60 CTGs from Eastern Visayas Regional Party Committee in the vicinity of Brgy. Imelda in Las Navas, Northern Samar.

The government forces requested air support after finding a strong resistance from the heavily fortified enemy position which was surrounded by anti-personnel mines.

The air assault and the indirect fires from 105mm Howitzers at the ground, resulted in five casualties on the communists’ side while no casualty was reported on the government troops.

The casualties were five males and one female, whose identities are yet to be known, while the government troops are still scouring to clear the area.

Confiscated firearms includes one (1) 7.62mm Cal 60 Machine Gun, eleven (11) 5.56mm M16 Rifles, one (1) 5.56mm M4 Rifle, one (1) AK47 Rifle, one (1) M14 Rifle and one (1) Bushmaster.

Eight platoons, including a K9, are still searching and in pursuit operations in the area. RCM

photo credit: AFP/Spot report photo

Here’s the detailed report on the incident

OOA 230530 November 2022, while implementing 803Bde OPORD 11-22 dtd 22 Nov 2022, ICOW with the Dorillo CTG attacked pursuit operations, two (2) Pltns (-) 81DRC led by 1LT LAURENTE and 2LT FLORESCA and one (1) Platoon (-), 20IBB led by 2LT DALO, encountered MOL sixty (60) CTGs of HQS EVRPC at 51PYP 277795592055, vicinity of Brgy Imelda, Las Navas, Northern Samar. Upon sensing strong resistance from a heavily fortified enemy position surrounded by anti-personnel mines, the engaged troops immediately requested for close air and indirect fire support. Air Assets through TOG8 responded immediately and provided Close Air Support to engaged troops and delivered fires accurately and effectively to CTG locations. Then, it was followed by the delivery of indirect fires from 105mm Howitzers.  Firefight lasted for about an Hour and troops still scouring to clear the areas.


2.    Result of Encounter:

a.  Government side: Negative Casualty

b.  Enemy side: 5 killed, body counts (4 Male and 1 Female)

c.  Captured Items:

  One (1) 7.62mm Cal 60 Machine Gun

  Eleven (11) 5.56mm M16 Rifles

  One (1) 5.56mm M4 Rifle

  One (1) AK47 Rifle

  One (1) M14 Rifle

  One (1) Bushmaster

3.  Actions Taken:

   Two (2) Platoons of 81DRC continue scouring the areas

   Two (2) Platoons (-) of 16SRC continue scouring the areas

   Two (2) Platoons (-) of 3IB continue scouring the areas

  One (1) Platoon (-) 20IB continue scouring the areas

  One (1) Platoon (-) of 3IB with K9 Team inserted thru BH at the encounter Site to conduct pursuit operations

  One (1) Team 83CMO Company conducting Pulong-pulong at Brgy Quirino, Las Navas Northern Samar