May 31, 2023


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Neighborhood Convenience Store Helping the Community Since 2017

PAROL MAKING CONTEST (MAPASALAMATON NGA PASKO 2022)Started as a fishing and packaging store. With high demand from customers, Shopwell was created, to reach customers from the Northern and Southern parts of Cebu.


Established last May 26, 2017, in Talisay as their first branch. Shopwell is a neighborhood convenience store selling packaging and grocery items catering to customers outside Cebu city. In three years, after opening the first branch, the demand in the north increase and Shopwell Opon was established.


On March 17, 2020, Shopwell Opon opened its door to northern customers. Started as grocery with baking and packaging items as their flagship products. Giving Oponganons an employment opportunity as well.  Shopwell’s unique services includes advance order and pick-up and grocery- free delivery with the retail trade are, making its positioning unique from any other medium-scale convenience store. It gives a hassle-free option to customers. A variety of items to choose, from basic needs, houseware, dry goods, and soon Pharmacy.

Marketing Campaign and Initiatives

Since opening until today, Shopwell created Marketing activities to promote the brand and helping the community. 


Here are some 2020 – 2022 Marketing Activities:

  • Shopwell Jingle – “Shopwell Tindahan nga Masaligan”
    • Titok Jingle Dance Challenge
  • Stay Home & Win – customers sent their daily quarantine productive activities
  • Business Feature of the Week -supporting micro entrepreneurs by promoting their page and products
  • Wholesaler Program
  • Wholesaler Recruitment On Wheels – Shopwell visiting areas to introduce te brand and recruiting potential wholesaler
  • Masaligan Reward Program – reward through points and can be use as payment.
  • Like, Tag and Share – online campaign
  • Store Signages – brand awareness and visibility
  • Race to 3 million – wholesaler incentive
  • Race to 6 million – wholesaler incentive (upgraded)
  • Annual Parol Making Contest


For 2023, Shopwell is Happy to continue:

  • Wholesaler program
  • Masaligan Reward Program (Level Up) – with activities for members
  • Annual Parol Making Contest
  • Strengthen Retail Customers
  • Local and National Holiday Activities


Exciting days for our farmers and fisher folks. Shopwell is also offering fishing materials such as fishing nets, rods, and ropes. Farming materials such as seedling trays, multi-purpose screens, polybags, and other related products at a very competitive price.


With customer loyalty and employee’s dedication, Shopwell envisioned of opening more branches in Visayas and Mindanao. Serving customers with competitive price, quality products, variety of items and to be the preferred neighborhood grocery store. (PR)