May 31, 2023


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Before and current photo of "Mr. Coke" less than 3 months with BAI Foundation

315529507_818056946149861_6487384857134289207_nI have been thru hell and back. And I know the way out. I believe I was saved from certain death and destruction with my addiction. And it is only fitting to pay it forward to help save others still drowning in darkness.

Aside from being a drug abuse resource speaker for schools and universities, LGU’s and private organizations, and a psycho-educator in Safehaven Recovery Village, I am blessed to be the Executive Director of Battle Against Ignorance Founder, Inc. (BAI) .

Thanks to my mentor and inspiration, Pastor Ronnie delos Santos who trusted in me and believed I can do the job of saving the many wounded, broken, lonely and hurting out there. Pastor Ronnie is also the President and CEO of BAI Foundation. But many ask, why the catchy and unique name?what is it that we really do? What we really have intended to do and have been doing so far are the following:

Collaborate with treatment facilities, sober communities, educational institutions, drop in centers, orphanages, retirement villages, and elderly homes to promote, finance, and implement a safe, clean, serene, loving, accepting, supportive, trusting, rejuvenating, and holistically healthy environment conducive to  the realization of the beneficiaries’ welfare and development, affording them with avenues for awareness and opportunities for healing, reconciliation in relationships, and restoration of man’s original design and purpose facilitating freedom from ignorance, helplessness and hopelessness.

Provide the marginalized and less privileged members of the community access to treatment facilities, sober communities, educational institutions, drop in centers, orphanages, retirement villages, and elderly homes through various scholarship programs and sponsorships.

Collaborate in partnership with various government agencies, corporate institutions, local and international foundations, communities, advocates, cause oriented groups to raise funds and finance the various advocacies and programs of BAIFI.

318553960_707671477449762_1896385540304210055_nReinforce leadership by providing orientations, training, and equipping of volunteers and ambassadors of hope to maintain and sustain excellent quality of service, empowering them to advance and expand the cause of facilitating positive life change and improvement of the quality of life of BAIFI’s beneficiaries.

Recruit, organize and mobilize the community through the various available platforms, may it be social media, educational institutions (symposium), or by invitations to speak as lecturers or to share testimonies, increasing the number of volunteers and ambassadors of hope.

This is BAI Foundation. This is who we are and this is what we do! But we cannot do it ALONE! We ask your generous hearts to help us save others.

For donations pls. contact me thru BAI Foundation: 09219929056 or email us at or Follow us on Facebook: