December 9, 2023


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Nadine Lustre and Jeffrey Hidalgo


Nadine Lustre

First three big reasons to watch “Deleter” in cinemas this December:  One, it’s the only horror entry to the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival. Barkadas and families are greatly encouraged to experience the chills and thrills in the cinema. And it stars the multi-awarded best actress and multimedia princess Nadine Lustre. Lastly, it’s the first movie collaboration between Viva (now on its 41st glorious year) and Mikhail Red, the internationally acclaimed director of “Birdshot” (Best Picture in the Asian Future category at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival) and “Dead Kids” (the first Filipino Netflix original film).

Nadine Lustre plays Lyra, a content moderator, a.k.a. deleter, whose job is to sift through countless gruesome images and videos, and make sure they don’t get to be released on social media platforms.   Doing this for quite some time already, Lyra appears to be “desensitized”, as Nadine describes her character.  But, after watching a suicide video of a colleague, a past trauma resurfaces.  Lyra is not immune to fear after all, and with this new trigger, how can she escape the terror around and within herself?  

Nadine has always been vocal about veering away from rom-coms and exploring other genres, such as thriller (already accomplished with the film “Greed”) and horror.  Gusto ko yung kakabahan ako kapag nagsh-shoot ako,”  she candidly said in an interview.   The chase scene in “Deleter” is one of the things that Nadine really looked forward to before they started shooting, and now that it’s done, the audience should see how it turned out, especially under the masterful direction of Mikhail Red.

Louise Delos Reyes, who plays Aileen, Lyra’s co-worker that took her own life, guarantees that every scene is integral to the whole story, and she’s happy about the script.  “Walang eksena na hindi macha-challenge ang artista, kahit walang lines, ‘yung mata-mata acting…”  

For McCoy De Leon, it’s the visuals that really keep horror fans glue to the screen, and “Deleter” is sure to give them that.   The trailer suggests that McCoy’s character holds an important piece that could answer why Aileen killed herself.   He and Jeffrey Hidalgo play the other two major roles as Lyra’s colleague and boss, respectively.  Witness how Aileen’s death will haunt them. 

Now, you’ve got more reasons to watch “Deleter”.  It deserves to be the first film to watch at the Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25, 2022. (PR)

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