September 22, 2023


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The Kabilin Center showcases the Sugboanong 1977 hit classic,“Ang Manok ni San Pedro”


The Kabilin Center (TKC) is offering the pre-valentines date at the movies! The center launches “Sugboanong Sine sa TKC” with box office hit classic, “Ang Manok ni San Pedro“, starring the late Talisay City Councilor Julian “Esteban Escodero” Daan, this February 10 at 4:30 PM at The Kabilin Center. The screening is in partnership with the University of San Carlos (USC) Film Studies.

Sugboanong Sine is a showing of Cebuano classics and independent films with free admission to promote and preserve Cebuano motion pictures of the past. This event also celebrates the talent and artistry of Cebuano filmmakers and actors.

This February TKC will screen the genre-mixing Comedy-fantasy-romance-action hybrid, “Ang Manok ni San Pedro“, which was based on the popular Cebuano radio drama of the same name.

“It’s the lovechild of Marcos Sacol’s narrative creativity, Julian ‘Teban’ Daan’s vocal theatrical genius and popularity, and the Arong Brothers’ business sagacity and love of movies.” USC Film Studies professor Diem Judilla said.

The film tells the tale of Teban, a bettor at the local cockfighting derby, and the rich and pretty Lisa who asks Teban to pretend to be her boyfriend to avoid an arranged marriage. This leads to action, the battle between rich and poor, and divine intercession.

“It was the right mix at the right time to produce this miracle of a movie, whose likeness we still have to see yet—a Cebuano movie independently produced for nearly 1 million pesos (by today’s values) and independently distributed to earn 10 times its production budget! However, the fact that it was done before also proves the potential that box-office breaking Cebuano or regional movies can be made and succeed.” Prof. Judilla continued.

Sugboanong Sine featuring, “Ang Manok ni San Pedro“, has limited seats and will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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