June 7, 2023


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OPENING huddle. The RP Blu Girls took a moment of silence to pray before the start of their game against Hong Kong in the World Softball Championship 2023 Asia Cup in Incheon, South Kore. The Blu Girls defeated Hong Kong 7-0 in an abbreviated game because of the Mercy Rule. (Contributed Photo)

INCHEON, South Korea – The RP Blu Girls Asia Cup Campaign was off to a rousing start after scoring an abbreviated win over Hong Kong 7-0 at the start of the 2023 World Softball Championships Asia Cup on Sunday morning.

The game was called off after the Blu Girls were already ahead after the fifth inning by virtue of a Mercy Rule, as per International Softball Federation ruling.

“It was a great performance by the girls, and it will augur well for their confidence heading to their next match against host Korea. I expect them to continue playing well after their months of hard work at training,” said ASAPHIL President Jean Henri Lhuillier.

While blasting the overmatched Hongkong squad with numerous hits that resulted in 7 runs, defense was the key to the excellent win of the RP Blu Girls, led by its pitchers, – starting pitcher Royevel Palma, mid-game pitcher Ezra Jalandoni, and closer Glory Alonzo as they frustrated Hong Kong’s offense for five whole innings.

“I’m satisfied with the way the team played today. But the competition gets tougher and I’m confident the girls will be up to the task,” added Blu Girls Coach Randy Dizer

The RP squad next game is against host nation South Korea, later, in an expected cliff hanger game that will give the winner solid grounds to inch closer to tabbing one of the three coveted World Cup slots.

Nine countries are battling it out for Asian supremacy led by powerhouse World number 2 Japan, no. 3 Chinese Taipei, no. 13 China, no. 30 Philippines, no. 35 South Korea, no. 38 Hong Kong, no. 42 Singapore, no. 46 Thailand, and no. 53 India. – Marlon Bernardino

VICTORY pose. The RP Blu Girls wear huge smiles after beating Hong Kong via Mercy Rule 7-0 after the fifth inning at the start of the World Softball Championship Asia Cup 2023 in Incheon, South Korea. (Contributed Photo)