June 7, 2023


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The cacao artist, JP Choa (Photo by: Door 7 Studio Cea Creatives and Events)

Cebuano teen cacao artist John Paul Choa prepares for his first solo exhibit at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore

by Noreen Tormis

JP Choa
The cacao artist working on another masterpiece

At 17, John Paul “JP” Choa has already made a name for himself as a prodigious cacao artist. Son of the one and only Chocolate Queen, Raquel Choa, is set to embark on a remarkable journey as he prepares for his first solo exhibit at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

JP Choa’s artistic journey began at a very young age when he discovered his passion for chocolate and art when he was only 8 years old. He draws passion from the idea of creating something that isn’t there. Creating beauty from something that is empty.

Combining his two loves, chocolate and art, he started experimenting with cacao as his medium. What started as a simple doodle of a Van Gogh on a takeout box and a random painting of a bird has soon transformed into a captivating form of expression.

The Chocolate Queen with one of JP’s masterpieces

JP’s unique artistic style involves using melted cacao diluted in water as a paint substitute. With skillful brushwork and a keen eye for detail, he transforms cocoa beans into breathtaking masterpieces.  His favorite subjects are stilt houses, cathedrals, and churches, and recently he started his F1 series, showcasing a different level of creativity and maturity far beyond his years.

Before making his mark on the international art scene, Choa will be holding send-off exhibits in Cebu at Casa de Cacao and at the Manila Hotel. These exhibitions will serve as a platform for the talented artist to connect with his local audience, sharing his passion and inviting them to witness the magic of his cacao art.

The send-off exhibits are an opportunity for Choa to showcase the progression of his artistic prowess. Attendees can expect to see a collection of his most remarkable works, revealing his growth as an artist and his ability to capture emotion through the rich shades and textures of cacao.

Some of JP’s artworks

Following the send-off exhibits, John Paul Choa will make his way to Singapore, where his first solo exhibit at the Philippine Embassy awaits. This occasion is a testament to his talent and the recognition he has gained as a rising star in the art world.

JP’s exhibition in Singapore promises to display his artistic vision. From dignitaries to art enthusiasts, visitors will have the privilege of experiencing the intricate details and emotional depth of each piece. The unique use of cacao as a medium will undoubtedly captivate the audience, transcending the traditional boundaries of art.

Through his unique medium and undeniable talent, Choa not only promotes the appreciation of cacao as an art form but also encourages others to explore their own creative journeys. His success story serves as a reminder that age is never a barrier to pursuing one’s passions and realizing one’s dreams.

His highly anticipated solo exhibit in Singapore only shows that this young artist is destined for greatness. His dedication, creativity, and willingness to push the boundaries of artistic expression are qualities that set him apart.

JP dreams of becoming a Formula 1 driver someday to be able to travel the world and paint amazing architecture. He hopes that his achievements at such a young age will serve as an inspiration for aspiring artists worldwide.