December 8, 2023


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From left: JP Choa, Raquel Choa, Kathy Navarro-Bethune, Me, Melanie Arceo, Carlo Lorenciana, AJ Choa, and Angelie Choa.

Teen Cacao Artist JP Choa Celebrates First Solo Exhibit with Send-Off Dinner at Summit Galleria Hotel

steady burgundySingapore’s art scene will soon witness a delightful celebration as young prodigy JP Choa, the first and only Cebuano cacao artist, will have his first solo exhibit at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore on June 19, 2023.


To bid farewell to his home country, a remarkable intimate send-off dinner at the Summit Galleria Hotel marked the commencement of his highly anticipated first solo exhibit in Singapore. At the hotel’s lobby, some of his unique cacao paintings were on display, making the evening a splendid affair filled with excitement, anticipation, and well-deserved recognition for JP Choa’s accomplishments.

Raquel and JP, sharing their chocolate journeys.

Summit Hotel’s ambiance provided the perfect backdrop for JP Choa’s exquisite cacao artworks, allowing guests like Provincial Information Officer Kathy Navarro-Bethune, business writer Carlo Lorenciana, and Business News Asia Publisher Mars Mosqueda to appreciate his talent in an atmosphere of sophistication and creativity.


Summit Galleria Hotel’s General Manager, Melanie Arceo, played host to this memorable send-off dinner. She treated us all to a seafood buffet where you get to choose fresh seafood and have their chefs cook it according to your preference. I had the best pan-seared salmon in butter with pepper and lemon.


JP answering questions from Mars Mosqueda and Kathy Navarro-Bethune.

John Paul’s mother, the Chocolate Queen Raquel Choa, graciously entertained everyone and shared the artistic journey of her ninth child. And Edu Pantino, Raquel’s business partner and confidante, engaged the attendees in conversations about JP’s inspirations, creative process, and the significance of his cacao art.


Edu Pantino in a serious conversation with Kathy Navarro-Bethune, as JP and Mars Mosqueda listen.

While I, as a chocoholic, friend, and constant guest of the Chocolate Queen, enjoyed the delectable feast prepared by Summit Galleria Hotel, it was just perfect even without a drop of wine. I also had the opportunity to delve into the artist’s world and gain insight into the meticulous techniques and passion that brought his cacao creations to life, including the hunt for the smiley in every art piece.


As we were all enjoying the seafood spread, JP shared that he would be bringing with him a total of 20 paintings to Singapore for the exhibit. A mix of cathedrals, churches, and stilt houses will be packed and brought to the Philippine Embassy for the Independence Day activities, which will include his solo exhibit. Their official airline partner is none other than our flag carrier, Philippine Airlines.


JP is undoubtedly a rising star in the art world, someone we should all watch out for and be proud of.


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