December 4, 2023


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Concon Kintanar, living her best life!

Concon Kintanar: Navigating Life’s Twists and Turns to Business Success

She sees the future as something that’s peaceful and full of contentment.

Concon, or Eve Marie Kintanar, a versatile and enterprising mom, has lived a life shaped by both personal ambition and the profound influences of her family. In a recent interview with, she shared her remarkable journey from her early years in Cebu to her career as a consultant for business and marketing, passion for K-drama and K-pop, and her entrepreneurial endeavors.


Roots and family life

Concon’s story begins in Cebu, although she was born in Manila, her parents hail from the picturesque town of Argao in Cebu. Her father was a prominent figure in the local political scene, having served as a Constitutional Convention Delegate during the Marcos era for the Fourth District of Cebu, hence giving his daughter the nickname ConCon. His political endeavors led the family to spend time in Manila, but they eventually returned to Cebu when he was appointed as the Chief City Prosecutor.


Her early education was at St. Benedict’s for elementary and St. Theresa’s College for high school. Her dreams of becoming a broadcaster were rooted in her admiration for figures like Korina Sanchez, but her options were limited due to her ambitions and the available courses at the time. Despite her desire for a mass communication program, she chose to study at a co-ed school, setting aside her broadcasting aspirations.


Her parents played a significant role in shaping her early career choices. When her father learned of her dream to pursue a career in media, he urged her to follow his path and study law, majoring in political science at the University of San Carlos (USC). She did follow her father’s wishes but experienced a significant change in her life when she became pregnant. She was pressured into marriage, following her father’s desires once again.


Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, leading her to become a single mother. It wasn’t until she met Boy Selma, her soulmate, that she had the opportunity to resume her law studies at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) in an executive class program. She eventually finished her studies in four years, took the bar examination but failed, and she never tried it again. Instead, she wanted to focus on her family and pursue a different career path.


Career, education and entrepreneurship

The academic journey of Concon took her to various institutions, reflecting the twists and turns in her life. However, her life today stands in stark contrast to the structured routine of her school days. She enjoys the freedom to wake up at her own pace and manage her time. Her mornings begin with a cup of coffee and a digital check-in, often involving emails, Viber, and WhatsApp. But her true passion lies in her unwavering love for Korean culture, dating back to 2008. She has embraced K-drama, K-pop, and all things Korean, with a particular enthusiasm for BTS.


Concon’s fascination with BTS led her to become a paid member of the Army fan club, collecting merchandise, watching live concerts around the world, and immersing herself in the vibrant world of Korean pop culture.


Her career journey has been marked by transitions and changes. She worked in radio as the news director for StarFM, which was later acquired by Love Radio, a subsidiary of the Manila Broadcasting Company. Her radio career allowed her to train as a DJ, going by the handle “KC” and hosting programs like “Afternoon Love Drive” and “Best by Request.”

Her life story is all about the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to navigate unexpected twists you face in life.

However, a pivotal moment led her to leave the radio industry and transition to Cebu Pacific, where she worked as a reservations and branch manager for a year. It was during this phase that she met Boy Selma, her soulmate, and chose to take on the role of a housewife, dedicating her time to caring for her stepchildren and her daughter, Axlle.


Rebuilding and looking ahead

One of the most significant challenges in her life was the sudden loss of Boy. After 15 years together, her life had been centered on caring for him, the children, and the home. She found herself in uncharted waters without a will when he passed away. Facing the return of his ex-wife, she chose to avoid conflict and relinquished her claims. At the age of 43, she was filled with trepidation about starting anew.


Her journey towards rebuilding took an unexpected turn when a friend suggested a new opportunity. She found herself at the Montebello Hotel, where she embarked on a career in sales and marketing. This became a fresh start, a chance to reinvent herself professionally, and to regain a sense of purpose and direction in her life.


For Concon, she sees the future as something that’s peaceful and full of contentment. She aspires to live a fulfilling life, whether with or without a partner. Her daughter’s success is of paramount importance, and she also hopes that Pongks Kitchen8, her eatery with a unique “Tuslob Buwa” recipe, will expand with multiple branches.


Concon Kintanar’s life story is all about the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to navigate unexpected twists in you face in life. Her love and passion for her business ventures reflect her determination to embrace new opportunities and follow her dreams, regardless of the challenges that come her way.(nmt)




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