December 8, 2023


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GM Kathy Angala of Diamond Hotel and Suites

Kathy Angala’s unplanned path to the hospitality industry

In the world of hospitality, the role of a general manager is pivotal, steering the ship towards success through their leadership and vision. Katherine Angala, the general manager of Diamond Hotel and Suites, graciously shared her story, insights, and vision for the future in an exclusive interview with


Angala’s initiation into the hotel industry was somewhat serendipitous, spurred by an unexpected summer math course during her pursuit of a business administration degree. Determined to appease her mother, who adamantly stressed the importance of the subject, she discovered an unforeseen affinity for numbers—a proficiency she artfully applies to all aspects of her role, particularly in assessing and measuring performance.


Her foray into the hospitality industry commenced as a receptionist at the Kan Irag Hotel, swiftly earning commendation from the general manager for her untapped potential. Within months, she was entrusted with managing Kan Irag Villa, deftly maneuvering various responsibilities encompassing operations, accounting, and front-office duties despite her young age of 20.


Kathy’s professional journey witnessed multifaceted experiences, from managing operations at the Cebu Grand Hotel to assuming leadership roles at diverse establishments such as Hotel Asia, Crown Regency, Radisson Blu, Elizabeth Hotel, and Grand Convention, each stint refining her managerial prowess and deepening her understanding of the industry’s intricacies.


Reflecting on the challenges encountered, Angala emphasized the intricacies of internal people management, underscoring the critical nature of addressing service-related complaints and maintaining stringent standards while navigating the fluctuations in revenue.


When asked about what sets Diamond Suites apart from its counterparts, Angala attributed the hotel’s success to its proactive approach, emphasis on personalized service, and unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction. She stressed the importance of empowering the sales team to prioritize client needs—a cornerstone of their service philosophy.


Her passion for hospitality ran deep, and when asked about the challenges faced in the current landscape, Kathy expressed a thoughtful perspective. “Undoubtedly, the pandemic has reshaped the hospitality industry in unprecedented ways. Flexibility and adaptability have been key to navigating these challenging times. We’ve focused on enhancing health and safety measures while maintaining the highest standards of service.”


When asked about her advice for aspiring leaders in the hospitality sector, Kathy’s wisdom shone through. “Never stop learning. The hospitality industry is dynamic, and continuous learning is key to staying ahead. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and always prioritize the guest experience.”


Despite her thriving career in hospitality, Angala candidly shared her childhood aspirations of becoming a stewardess or nurse and her enduring passion for service-oriented professions.


In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality, leaders like Kathy Angala stand as guides for their teams towards a future where hospitality seamlessly intertwines with responsibility, creating unforgettable experiences for guests. (NMT)


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