December 8, 2023


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Oasis Home extends its reach to Cebu, introducing opulent home wellness products at the SM Seaside City Wing

IMG_1318IMG_1354Oasis Home, a prominent player in the wellness and home products sector, caused a stir in Cebu with the grand inauguration of its SM Seaside City Wing branch on November 18, 2023. The occasion was a dazzling affair, granting Cebu residents access to a luxurious array of wellness and home products.

The genesis of Oasis Home dates back to the pandemic when an opportunity emerged to introduce top-tier far-infrared home saunas to the market. What commenced as a modest endeavor blossomed into something far more significant. As patrons valued the top-notch products and outstanding post-sales service from Oasis Home, the brand broadened its horizons.

Starting as Oasis Sauna, the company has morphed into Oasis Home, now operating two retail outlets in the busiest malls in the Philippines: OASIS HOME MEGAMALL and OASIS HOME MOA. This expansion underscores the brand’s steadfast commitment to delivering premium wellness and home products to its clientele.

The product line-up offered by Oasis Home seamlessly blends luxury and well-being. Presently, customers can select from an array of offerings such as Sauna Cubes, Jacuzzis, and Massage Chairs. Additionally, the brand has exciting future plans, including the introduction of Watch Vaults, Onsen Tubs, Towel Heaters, Cold Plunges, and more.

The inauguration of the SM Seaside City Wing branch in Cebu on November 18 was a watershed moment for Oasis Home. This event not only signifies the brand’s growth but also brings a selection of high-end home wellness products to the people of Cebu. It underscores Oasis Home’s dedication to elevating the quality of life through their diverse product range and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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